TRUST: In the Waiting Room

Wait for the Lord.  Be strong and let your heart take courage.  Yes, wait for the Lord.
Psalm 27:14 NASB

I don’t know about you, but I hate to wait. I want my food – now. I want a parking place – now. I’d like an answer – now (as long as it’s favorable to me). And I’d like all green lights on the way to my destination, please… As you can probably guess, these “demands” are rarely satisfied.

Recently I’ve had some significant opportunities to wait, and I’ve been reminded that waiting involves trust. Last week, for example, my mom had surgery at “one of the top hospitals in the country.” I was in the “waiting room” for close to 12 hours, along with my older brother and step-dad, and it was nerve-racking, to say the least.

Many friends and family prayed with me before and during the process, but I was still struggling with my peace. Would she make it through? Would she wake up from the anesthesia? Would they get all of the cancer? Would her cuts heal, or would she be permanently disfigured?

Additionally, despite having a reputation for “being the best” hospital, there was still human error possible…and happening…at the front end. The receptionist accidentally entered information into the “advanced directive” slot instead of the “power of attorney” slot, so we learned just as my mom was going back to pre-op that we did not actually have the correct paperwork for her wishes. Several tests required for her surgery “had not arrived” so they were going to repeat them all, until we advocated to have them check again, and they “found them.” The surgeon, heralded as one of the tops nationwide, seemed more concerned about finding the top to his pen that had mysteriously disappeared since he came to my mom’s bedside, than he was about explaining the surgery to us and calming our anxieties. Grrrrr.

Thankfully, my mom did great in the surgery, they did get all of the cancer, and her wounds seem to be healing beautifully. Praise be to God, and I am grateful as well for the skills of the numerous medical staff involved.

As we sat in the waiting room for several hours following the surgery, while my mom recovered and prepared to be discharged, I finally turned my attention to the numerous other families nearby. Not everyone was going to be getting the wonderful news that we received that day. For some, waiting here in the cancer ward was a regular occurrence, as their loved ones were battling chronic or recurring disease.

Perhaps you’re in a waiting room that’s fairly significant, too. We all are, I suppose. Waiting to hear about that job. Waiting on medical tests yourself. Waiting to see how things are going to turn out with that loved one. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

May I pray with you? I’m a big believer in the power of prayer — mostly because I have seen the faithfulness of God come through time and time again. Not often how I would have planned it (in fact, seldom “my way”!), but in an amazing way that I could not have imagined.

Lord, as we wait here, may we trust You for the best possible outcome. Remind us of all the times that You have come through for our loved ones and for us. Please work out all of the details, and remove the obstacles that are hindering Your perfect plan from shining forth. We put our trust in You in this waiting room, because You are trustworthy. In Jesus’s name, we pray. Amen!

Remember. Celebrate. Trust.

Until next time!


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