TRUST: In the Midst of Transition

Transition. It’s that time they warn you about in childbirth classes that is the most painful and intense — the part where you just may turn to your husband and yell some expletives. (Thankfully I didn’t do that, but I recall fearing the possibility!) If I remember correctly, it is also the stage RIGHT BEFORE you deliver an amazing miracle and look into the face of the reason for all this pain. It’s totally worth it, but you feel like you just may die in the process…

That’s a pretty accurate illustration of how I’m feeling at the moment, after “delivering” our middle son to his first year of college over the weekend. I’m in pain, yet I know that we will both be looking into the “face” of something beautiful down the road.

Perhaps you’re there, too?  Facing a new job. Facing a new school year. Facing the future without that loved one by your side.

First, let me offer a picture that I snapped a few weeks ago. One thing I love about this beautiful vista is that it can serve as an illustration of life. Zoom in, if you’re able, and check out that “body of water” in the middle. Yep. It’s a sewer. When I was sitting in that nearby spot, doing some morning devotions and taking in the majesty of it all, I laughed out loud that right in the middle of my beautiful shot was some…umm…stuff. And as we all travel from here to there, there will be some “not­-so-­pretty” parts, no doubt.


Beverly, West Virginia

However, here’s some encouragement:  God has promised to be with you. “I have chosen you and not rejected you. {Even if it feels like it…} Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:9b­-10

Hang in there, friend. You will survive the transition. Pray for strength. Grab a few friends to come alongside you. Try not to yell expletives at them, but if they’re your buddies, they’ll understand. 🙂 And, get ready for a beautiful “face” on the other side of it all.

Remember. Celebrate. Trust. ­­ It’s how we get from here to there…

Blessings in abundance,


P.S. ~ Of course I must share a few pics from our most recent transition. And, in just a few days, we’ll get to do it all again with my oldest son! Ugh. “Sewer water.”


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