The Girl on the Bicycle

It was a sunny, crisp morning — not too hot and not too cold. My mixed rescue dog, Simon, and I had just enjoyed a long walk in the woods and I was feeling pretty relaxed. As we ascended the path up and out of the trees, I noticed the dog across the street, but I did NOT notice the girl on the bicycle coming towards us on the left, barreling down the hill on our very same sidewalk. Simon went ballistic — barking, growling, lunging — but thankfully, I was able to grab his collar just in time. Crisis barely averted…. Whew! We all had just had our aerobic exercise for the day!

So, what the heck? Why did my normally-calm-and-generally-friendly dog suddenly go nuts? Well, about seven years ago, when Simon was just a puppy, we were all outside enjoying a beautiful summer day in the cul-de-sac. Kids were playing in front of the house, and I was chatting with the neighbors. Simon was secured loosely to a line on the front lawn when, all of a sudden, two girls rode their bikes on the sidewalk right in front of our house. As Simon tried to chase the first one, the second bike hit him in a split second and he yelped. We had him checked out and he was fine, but he has never forgiven, nor forgotten, “the girl on the bicycle.”

As this scenario almost played out again this week, it got me thinking. What are triggers like that in MY life — that in an instant cause me to go from calm and peaceful to ballistic, as I remember a painful event in my past? No amount of logic, love or cajoling seems to be able to erase that memory from Simon’s psyche….

How about you? What are those memories or situations that cause you to “bark and growl” — practically barring your teeth — possibly just moments after a time of tranquility?  A few of mine are injustices (perceived or real), the exploitation of women and children, and the remembrance  of (or actually running into) a few people who have deeply wounded some of my dear friends or family. I know that I need to forgive them….

Let me say a quick prayer for us:

Lord, You know our hearts. You know that there are areas of hurt and even injustices that we just can’t seem to forget. Please heal our hearts, renew our minds, and help us to forgive those who have hurt us or our loved ones. Nothing is hidden from Your sight. Please help us to trust You to “right the wrongs” (in Your timing — not necessarily ours). In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Until next time —

Remember God’s faithfulness.  Celebrate life and your loved ones.  Trust Him — Who sees all and knows all.

Lisa T.

P.S. ~ If you have time, click on the link below to be encouraged by the song, “It Is Well” by Kristene DiMarco. Powerful.

It is Well – Kristene DiMarco



2 thoughts on “The Girl on the Bicycle

  1. Great insight! Only God can protect us from those triggers – like you did with Simon. We need his grace to hang on before the trigger strikes. Mercy


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