A little bit about me…

This will be brief because I REALLY don’t want this blog to be “about me.” My primary goal here is to be an encouragement for others through words and pictures, and hopefully, to have lots of laughs along the way!

However, since you may be a bit curious about who I am, here it goes:  I am happily married to a wonderful man and we have three great kids and one cute doggie. We do not have any plants to speak of, because I even kill Hostas. (Apparently that’s hard to do, but my friend delivered and planted almost 20 of those “hearty plants” for me at the beginning of one summer, and they were all dead and buried by the next summer. I’m still really sorry about that, Pat!)

The good news is that I HAVE managed to keep my husband and kids alive — through much prayer and fasting. They didn’t always want to fast, mind you…did I mention that I also hate cooking? 🙂  Okay, seriously. I’ve been gratefully married for 20+ years to a man/saint who wants to be kept “off the grid”– so you may not learn his name for months. We have three “kiddos”:  two sons away at college, and a 10th grade daughter, who is thankfully still with us for a bit longer. They’re all awesome, but perhaps I’m a little biased?  😉

As for me, I have a variety of interests (read “I’m slightly A.D.D.”), and pretty much split my waking hours between teaching, taking pictures, working part-time at a retirement community, writing for pleasure, doing endless mounds of laundry (not for pleasure), and forever buying LOTS of INGREDIENTS for meals that I hope will just miraculously come together while I sleep or drive all over the place doing my other responsibilities.

I love the Lord (probably should’ve said that first) and I am tremendously grateful for His love and faithfulness to me through these many years. He is the primary reason that I remember, celebrate, and trust!

May you experience His boundless love for you, and His genuine concern for your every need — small or great.

Remember God. Remember others.
Celebrate God. Celebrate others.
Trust God!

I look forward to journeying together with you!